2.3 misfire

  1. Piranahbite

    Throttle cut out at 3500 rpm

    Hey guys! Here with a question for yall, my 87 mustang runs like a champ, has a cam nock, but still runs great. A month or two ago, i was driving my car home and i laid the hammer down at a couple stop signs and at around 3000 rmp, the engine seemed to hit a rev limiter of some sorts, not...
  2. J

    93 mustang breaking up during acceleration

    Have a 93 lx that I bought a little over a month ago. Had some issues, and it sat for a while. New to fox bodies and still new to this car In general. So some insight from experience can help. Before I describe my current issue, I’m going to give some history on the things that I have done to...