2.3 turbo

  1. Piranahbite

    Hey whats up! More 2.3 power needed

    i got an 1987 2.3 manual hatch! im having trouble keeping up with traffic and going up hills... a little powerless at times any cheap performance mods i can do?
  2. droopie85gt

    Progress Thread HeHateMe gets bent

    I've been on here a while and thought I would post a thread on my 85 over here. I've been primarily on Another since I bought this car around 2008. History: I got divorced and decided I needed another hot rod. My brother and I had previously had a pretty hard core back half 83 Regal with a...
  3. A

    Ecm Questions

    Hi all, so my problem is that we have a 1989 mustang that we swapped over a motor from a 85 Merkur, now we got everything running, just the ECM that is in the car is a 8CC and doesn't know how to correctly run the motor. So we have the ECM from the Merkur, we just don't know the strategy code...
  4. C

    Expired 2.3 Turbo Parts

    Hello, I have the following Ford 2.3 Turbo items for sale that were removed from my mustang. They are all in good working order. I have a video of the engine running that these items were removed from if interested. All the parts are located in Montrose, MI 48457. Shipping will be actual cost...