3.8 mustang

  1. C

    I have replaced fuel pump 03 Mustang

    I have replaced my fuel pump but when I try to start it it will crank but not start . I have replaced battery,alternator,crank and cam shaft sensor. My fuses are good also my pump comes HELPPP PLEASEEE
  2. CalebIsBrokn

    Drivetrain Whining sound when low gear

    My 1995 mustang 3.8 auto is making a weird whining sound in low gear and idle it's not transmission fluid I have no idea what it's loudest when accelerating only mod I really have is a cherry bomb
  3. S

    Misfire on Cylinder 5, thrown the whole parts store at it

    2002 Mustang 3.8 Automatic 198,564 Miles Current mods: MAC OffRoad H-Pipe, K&N CAI, MSD Wires I got a code for misfire on cylinder 5 (P0305) a month after rebuilding the upper end of the engine (had a blown head gasket). The car ran extremely smooth and got great gas mileage before the problem...
  4. starstruck106

    Car overheated and now it won't turn over - help PLEASE

    I have a 95 Mustang Convertible it is not a 5.0 I was running the AC yesterday but it was hot enough in Nevada that I pulled over to take the top down (the AC and car were both still running), I took off from there and not even five minutes latter I heard a rattling in front when I pushed on the...
  5. D

    2001 v6 turbo eagle rods and pistons question

    So I'm gathering parts for my turbo build and was gonna stay stock internals for a while but I was looking around and found some companies like eagle selling "ford sc 3.8 rods" or in some other place it just says ford 3.8 so my question is this will those rods fit my 2001 and what about pistons...