3.8l v6 mustang

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    Engine Left side cylinder missfire 3.8 1995

    Hello there, I'm new. I'm Filip from Croatia(country in Europe), I bought mustang 1995 3.8 automatic that stay 8 years and I started it. When I started it is working rough because left(driver) side of cylinders are missfireing. I can't discover where is the problem. Injectors and spark pluges...
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    2001 3.8 L V6 - Stalling while driving

    Hello 1st post here, for the past 2 weeks my 2001 3.8L V6 base model stalls while I am driving & it does not start back up right away. It was confirmed my fuel pump was bad so recently I have change the fuel pump, fuel filter, spark plugs & battery, cleaned my throttle body, MAF sensor & the...