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    Carb Fuel System Help

    Building a 393w to put into a 1995 gt. Sumped stock tank Air gap intake Alluminum heads Manual trans 750 and 830 holley double pumper (So i can choose from either) Hydraulic roller cam 240/248 @.050 on a 107 lsa I am thinking about getting a carter p4594 pump 72 gph with -8an line from tank to...
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    393w Camshaft & Opinions

    I am building a 393w for my 1995 gt. '94 up 351w block. I am needing help with the camshaft, as i have everything else and i'm wanting to get the motor finished ASAP. 393w Scat rods and crank Mahle forged pistons Edelbrock performer rpm heads(ported) Edelbrock air gap intake (ported) Holley...