3g alternator

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    3G Alternator to starter solenoid wiring

    Hi all, I just got my first fox and have purchased a 130 amp alternator upgrade kit from lmr. Upon inspection it looks like the original black/orange wire(s) leading to the alternator were heavily damaged. I am looking to replace these and the fusible links towards the starter solenoid. Would...
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    Motorcraft Alternator Part #

    Hey. I know this topic has been beaten like the proverbial dead horse, but I can't find the information I'm looking for anywhere. Can someone give me the part number, or a list of the Motorcraft alternator part numbers that will work for my 3g upgrade?
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    New (remain) Alternator Coil Wires Are Dark & Grody

    Stangnetters, Today I received the reman 3g alternator I ordered from www.ebay.com--an internet auction online website. The exterior looks real purdy, but the copper coil wires are dark and grody (see pic). Are grungy coil wires a problem, and if so, is it a PITA to clean them? Is this an...