3G Alternator to starter solenoid wiring

Hi all,

I just got my first fox and have purchased a 130 amp alternator upgrade kit from lmr. Upon inspection it looks like the original black/orange wire(s) leading to the alternator were heavily damaged. I am looking to replace these and the fusible links towards the starter solenoid. Would anyone be able to recommend a particular fusible link? Or will any 14 gauge fusible link work? It also looks like there is a fusible link on the yellow wire voltage regulator sense wire. Is this needed because it also shared the same 14 guage fusible link as the black/orange wire?


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I don’t even run them . They are barely adequate for the stock alternator let alone a 3g . Run a 4 ga power wire from the alt to the solenoid and be done . Leave the plug with the black and orange wires disconnected and tucked away by the alter alt. I’m not sure what your wiring skill is but you can cut them on each end and dead them off in the harness as well if you wanted to go that far .
Thanks for the info! I had read other people not using them as well. I was just following the instructions provided by LMR. I may even remove them from the harness all together. Trying to clean up the mess the previous owner left behind. It's a giant hack job with a lot of excess wire left over from the EFI to carb swap as well.
They need to be hooked up at the solenoid side. The voltage regulator is powered off it.

if you pull the harness, there is a splice for the regulator about halfway into the radiator area. You can cut and tape off the 10g power wires there and just leave the regulator wire intact