400 hp

  1. S

    Does the 302 boss big bore come stroked already?

    I have been planning on going all motor 400whp, the boss 302 looks good for the price but is the big bore 302 boss out of the box ready to go? if so what cubic inch does it come in? and which forged stroker kit is recommended for it?
  2. 8VStang

    Rocked Out 94, Keeping It In The Family

    Outside of some obvious smaller parts that are heavy duty...Specs are as follows -Motor 352 Stroker, 302 base block -staggered tires, front p245's17 inch, rear,9275's 17 inch -gears. 4.10 -SCT tuned,sct chip -trick flow lower and upper manifolds -cam trick flow stage 2 -flowmaster super 40...