4.6 2v ticking

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    P0118 code - somebody please tell me what the deal is

    So I bought another mustang, it’s a 2004 gt. I bring it home and I notice the temp gauge and the ac wasn’t working, so I look at the ect sensor and see it was ripped apart. After replacing it, everything works again. It still idles very rough and if I rev it to 6k it starts sounding like it’s...
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    Engine Lifter Replacement (W/ heads off) questions

    Been in the middle of replacing my 4.6Ls head gasket on a 97 GT. Before I started the work, the engine did have a ticking noise that was getting worse as time went on. I ran it for about a month and a half with that tick, and by the time I was starting the head job, the ticking was real loud...
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    4.6 2v Ticking At Idle But Not All The Time

    I have a 4.6 2v that is ticking but not all the time.It started after I put stage 4 cams on my mustang I put new cam gears new timing chain kit,new lifters,valvle springs and retainers It started after the install so I went back and thought it was the alternator bearing so I replaced the...