4.6 3v

  1. SuperBobby615

    Cylinder 4 damaged

    I dropped a rod into cylinder 4 and ruined the head on that side. I've taken out the rod and the rocker and spring and disconnected the injector. Can I run on 7 cylinders? Would I be better to run on 6 for a time until I replace the engine? If so, what other cylinder should I disable? Rob
  2. S

    2006 3v roush M90 coolant disappearing

    Recently did new coils and spark plugs. Upon inspection I noticed I didn’t have any coolant in my reservoir for my heat exchanger. Therefore added some royal purple ice and proceeded to drive it and noticed misfires and fluttering as if combustion was effected. I checked the coolant and it’s...
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    Going back together
  4. A

    Tire Help

    How big of a tire can you fit comfortably on 19x10 wheels. I wanted a thicker look. Something like a 295, but I was wondering if this was a reasonable without getting new wheels. i like my performance pack wheels and have not seen any 10.5s available. Would 285 be the biggest I can go or could I...
  5. S

    4.6 3v Control pack

    Okay guys im having a real hard time finding a 4.6 3v control pack for a swap im doing would anyone be able to help me find one or if i can use the original harness from the mustang and ecu would i be able too? I have a donor car the engine is going into a hot rod im building please let me know...
  6. K

    Fuel Injectors

    Have to replace fuel injectors in the sister in laws mustang. 2009 with the 4.6L V8. Was wondering what size the stock ones are. Thank you for the help.
  7. 0

    max boost

    max boost for stock cams/springs on a 3v?
  8. Q

    2008 Mustang GT DTC P0345 P0349

    Hey guys, I am encountering an issue with the notorious P0345/P0349 camshaft position sensor. So far I have: Replaced the sensor Rewired the connector Replaced the alternator The DTC came back just as it was prior. I filled a troubleshooting method which had me check the ground wire in the...
  9. Q

    2008 Mustang GT Build Thread

    Hey guys/girls! I bought a 2008 Mustang GT convertible that was in a somewhat minor accident a few months ago. I began documenting the build on YouTube. Here are some pictures of the car when I got it:
  10. M

    Max Rpm For Stock 4.6 3v?

    sold a 2005 Mustang GT to a friend with 65K miles. I told him the torque curve of the engine goes down past the stock rev limiter but he still went ahead and changed the neutral rev limit to 7300 RPMs and drive rev limit to 7375 RPMs with the SCT tunner I sold with it. It's not my problem...