What's it Worth? 2.3L C4 Bellhousing

    Ran across one today. Last one I sold was 10 years or so ago and I got $250 back then and it was actually the 2.0L version. Anyone know what the current price is for these bell housings?
  2. F

    Fox V8 Swapped 4cyl Car Suspension???

    i have a 1989 mustang coupe that was originally 4 cyl swapped to a 306. It rides like a ton of bricks. Can't tell if the original owner cut the springs or if the shocks are shot. But I want to upgrade to a good setup but all the ones I see are for a 5.0. Cool. What do I have to change to make...
  3. StarvinMarvin

    Electrical V8 Swap Wiring Questions.. Help

    Swapping a 90 v8 into a 93 4cyl shell. I have the v8 harness from the 90 and I need to know if /where/how have to wire in a fuel pump relay and if I have to mess with the maf. I am doing a 3g alternator conversion and using the stock 4cyl headlight/alt harness and extending it. Also what...