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    What's it Worth? Valuation?? 1984 Mustang Notchback coupe, 5.0 5-speed, sunroof, Very Rare

    Thinking about selling very original 1984 Mustang LX notchback coupe. Would appreciate thoughts as to what would be a fair price to ask. thanks 5.0 5-speed Pristine Interior is 100% original Exterior is 80% original paint 86k miles No rust Original spare has never been on ground Has to be one...
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    1996 4.6L SOHC 5-speed

    Hi. I have been having some issues with my 96 GT. It’s been running really rough. I checked out the codes on the computer. Given there was no check engine light on. Number of codes came back like P1101, P1124,P1116,P1151,P1132. As well as communication error with the ecu. The code was P0605...