5lugconversion sn95

  1. B

    Foxbody 15x10 wheel fitment with sn95 axles

    Ive recently got tricked into turning my project car into more of a drag car and need help finding wheels that will fit a 26x11.50. Im going to be running a upr rear suspension kit deleting my quad shocks but i cant figure out what offest and backspacing i need for a 15x10 wheel to fit with sn95...
  2. 88mustang on a budget

    Project "blown Budget"

    Ight been awhile since i made any post. Life got away from me. Daughter is growing up fast and trying not to miss out on it. As far as car goes. The 88gt is scrapped. And the 89lx is under way. Mods so far: Tubular rear control arms 95 gt rear end with posi and 3.55 Aluminum drive shaft Tubular...
  3. W

    Foxbody Sn95 Spindle Question

    A buddy of mine has a 96 gt hes parting out i've read up on the rear end stuff but the front spindles is what have me confused. I've read that you cant use 96 spindles on the stock k member has to be 94-95 is this true or can i use the 96 spindles on my stock k member?? Thanks
  4. Benz510

    Fox Help! Can Anyone Tell Me?

    Does anyone know if this is a SN95 Part? 5 lug conversion on car but i don't know from what?! Previous owner didn't give me any info. Rear has drums also. I'm confused.