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    My new 66 mustang

    So I bought a 66 Mustang and I have plans to modernize it a bit,It's a stock 6cyl 200 with a 3-speed. I'm trying to upgrade most of it's components over time as I have access to a workshop for free. One of the main things that I'm trying to switch out is the transmission, that 3-speed is not...
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    Help Finding 4 Lug Front Hub For '67

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I bought a 'garage find' '67 coupe 6 cyl w/ 4 lug drums all around . I want to keep it stock and need a hub for the front. I've searched many Mustang parts sites and only see hubs for 64-66. Anyone know where I can find a 4 lug hub for a '67? Thanks, BeeMoe
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    2002 Vert Stang

    Hey folks my lights in my mirror stopped working. It all started after I had my windows tented and it seemed like the cord had been pulled on too hard and created a fault in the wiring because I think when I adjusted the mirrors to a position they would work well and then to another they would...