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Jan 22, 2015
Hey folks my lights in my mirror stopped working. It all started after I had my windows tented and it seemed like the cord had been pulled on too hard and created a fault in the wiring because I think when I adjusted the mirrors to a position they would work well and then to another they would quit. The car is an 02 v6 I unplugged the harness and tested ground to green and got 12.7 volts and black/white to ground and got the same reading so it seems I may be wrong? Anyways the real problem: How in the heck do you get those bulbs out of that tight spot without blowing a glass bomb up in your face? I've got the plastic plates off and tried wiggling the darn things to death but nothing. Couldn't get a grip on them with needle nose pliers either. Tried to take the mirror off until I realized that cost 20 bucks for a tool or a trip to a mechanic and 5 bucks for such a ridiculously stupid "buy my ford tool design." If I could get the mirror of I wouldn't worry to much about busting the bulb on the bench but not in the mood to be picking glass out of my foot next time my redneck raised a$$ decides to go mustang barefooting. Any helps appreciated. Also if anybody has swapped those bulbs for some leds let me know what bulbs I should look for and any ideas really.