98 gt

  1. Ian_stanggt

    98 gt transmission swap help

    am swapping my 98 gt 4r70w automatic transmission. I did my research and learned that only another 98 gt 4r70w automatic transmission would be an easy plug-and-play fit. I took my transmission out and bought a transmission from a guy who owned a shop 4 hours away. The guy told me it's a 100%...
  2. pondo51

    98 GT push button start

    Has anyone installed a push button start in a 98 GT? I want the single button start and eliminate the key.
  3. R

    First electrical, now this....related???

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum, and ashamed to say, an extreme novice in auto repair. In the past, changing the oil was about as deep as I would dig. Now that I am a little older, and have a little toy to tinker with, I'm willing to take on some more repair. I have a 1998 Mustang GT...