98 gt

  1. MMccPerformance

    98 GT PI Swapped Engine Fires, Dies Immediately NOT PATS

    Hello Stang Bros and Hoes, I've been going through forums on this for weeks and haven't found solution or really anything that lines up specifically with my issue. I do mobile mechanic work for a living specifically 79-04 Stangs so my pride is taking a hit even raising my hand as I pride myself...
  2. Ian_stanggt

    98 gt transmission swap help

    am swapping my 98 gt 4r70w automatic transmission. I did my research and learned that only another 98 gt 4r70w automatic transmission would be an easy plug-and-play fit. I took my transmission out and bought a transmission from a guy who owned a shop 4 hours away. The guy told me it's a 100%...
  3. pondo51

    98 GT push button start

    Has anyone installed a push button start in a 98 GT? I want the single button start and eliminate the key.
  4. R

    First electrical, now this....related???

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum, and ashamed to say, an extreme novice in auto repair. In the past, changing the oil was about as deep as I would dig. Now that I am a little older, and have a little toy to tinker with, I'm willing to take on some more repair. I have a 1998 Mustang GT...