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    Adapters for newer seats in SN95 convertible?

    I've been hunting around on this for a while now, looking to put newer Mustang seats into my 98GT Convertible. There was a company that used to make exactly what I'm after...
  2. C

    Engine Help diagnosing a whine at low gas pedal pressures - 1998gt

    So while driving, there is an occasional whine that I personally hear coming from the passenger side when the gas pedal is pushed between a certain threshold. I hear the whine when the pedal is pushed 5% - 10% of the way to the floor if that makes sense. Other than then, I never hear it. I'm...
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    Tunning help requested please>>>>>>!

    I have a 98 GT mustang with a pi head swap. I'm trying to figure out which tuner I should use since there is a large compression difference from the stock heads. Any help is appreciated in advance.
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    Making The Shiny Side Shiny Again 98gt

    Hey guys I have a 98 gt with pretty good paint, few chips and scratches but very minor, I was wondering exactly what buffing does. I wanna make it look really pretty but Idk exactly what buffing does and if it will hurt my paint where the chips are.