Adapters for newer seats in SN95 convertible?


May 24, 2004
I've been hunting around on this for a while now, looking to put newer Mustang seats into my 98GT Convertible. There was a company that used to make exactly what I'm after ( ) but they don't make them, don't have any clear plans to make them again, and don't respond to my requests for more information on making them.

To be really clear, I do not want racing seats. I want comfortable seats for cruising around with the top down. If possible I'd like to have power adjustable and heat. I have zero interest in making this into a track car, I bought it for cruising around with my wife and sons. When I recently won the rental car lottery and had a 2021 Mustang for a week while traveling for work, I kept thinking how much I want those seats in my own Mustang.

I've tried contacting local interior shops but the few that want to talk to me (most don't bother even replying) don't want to install seats (they seem to only want to take on full interior restoration jobs). I've tried reaching out to body shops but have not heard anything back.
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Put lubricant all over the balls
Mod Dude
Feb 18, 2001
How handy are you? Do you have the seats?

This vid shows some of the steps required to mount the fox rails on some S197 seats.


Here is a guy installing S550 seats in a new edge. This method seems a bit more complex


Fox and Sn95 cars have the same floor pan essentially so any vid showing installing S197/S550 seats on youtube would apply.