99 mustang gt stock rims

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    What's it Worth? 1989 GT... Wondering Value...

    99K miles.... Hatch, automatic... needs front bumper cover and right front quarter panel from a light bump with a parking lot pole. Stock engine, trans and exhaust, interior is 7 of 10... Air doesn't work of course. Paint is about 7 of 10 also, no rust that I can see in body or pans. It does...
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    For Sale 2003 Mustang gt wheels

    Perry Hall, MD - Up for sale are 4 OEM Mustang gt wheels. Two of the tires are worn and 2 are in decent condition. These were original wheels that were used as a winter set up. I have sold the car and no longer need these wheels. Will consider shipping a buyers expense. Asking $500 obo.
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    Paint and Body Rims and Tires Help

    I am 15 and I am getting a 99 Mustang GT. The rims are the ugly triangular gray rims so I’m getting new ones. The rims I’m think about getting are 245/45/19 but the current rims are 255/55/16. Can someone tell me if this would work?
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    Expired 99 Mustang Gt Rims(stock) And Tires

    Selling my 99 Mustang GT stock rims and used tires with them for $450 or best offer or trade. The tires still have a few months on them. 17 inch rims 245/45/17. I'm in lewisville Texas, feel free to contact me at 213-300-9729