1. breth3

    Fuel Fuel Pump upgrade on mild 5.0L

    Hey guys, I need to replace the rusty fuel lines on my 1990 5.0L notch. SVE makes a decent fuel line/system upgrade kit. The kit has 3/8" delivery lines and stock return lines and it comes with a 340 LPH Aeromotive fuel pump which supports gas/E85. I have a BBK adjustable fuel pump regulator on...
  2. Jason 302

    Sve High Performance Fuel System

    Has anybody tried this fuel system? I'm curious as to how much (boosted) horsepower it can support and what else is needed to complete the setup with some BBRC fuel rails. They're claiming 3/8" stainless steel supply lines, I'm assuming that's bigger than stock? The price is what really has me...