Fuel Fuel Pump upgrade on mild 5.0L


Aug 6, 2020
Hey guys,

I need to replace the rusty fuel lines on my 1990 5.0L notch. SVE makes a decent fuel line/system upgrade kit. The kit has 3/8" delivery lines and stock return lines and it comes with a 340 LPH Aeromotive fuel pump which supports gas/E85. I have a BBK adjustable fuel pump regulator on the rails.

My question is if I upgrade my car with this kit is the 340 lph pump too big? I plan on building a 408w in the future and that will be swapped in. For the time being though, is a 340 lph ok on a mild 5.0L?

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I wouldn’t get that kit. The stock 1/4” return line it really not large enough for a 340 lph pump. Pro M makes a upgraded fuel pump hanger that allows the use of a 3/8” return line for dealing with all the fuel that large of a pump returns. Check it out here:
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genera rule of thumb is your return should be the same size as your feed if they are the same length

all the fuel systems i do i mount the regulator next to the tank so the return line is very short. But that requires an aftermarket regulator.