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    No AC/Heat, reverse lights, speedo, or odometer after intake install.

    2 days ago I decided to go ahead and tackle my leaky intake manifold. Install was smooth, no hiccups. No more coolant leak, yes! But now I’m left with no reverse lights, no speed, odometer just shows dashes (- - - - -) <just like that, and no heat or air (only defrost). Everything on the car...
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    Coolant eruption... car cranks but won’t start... HELP please!

    So I was performing maintenance on my 99 v6 3.8 this past weekend, I replaced the valve cover seals and lower and upper intake manifold gaskets. Reassembled the engine completely and started it up. Car ran for approximately 15-20 while I was bleeding the coolant system. I loosened the upper...
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    93 mustang breaking up during acceleration

    Have a 93 lx that I bought a little over a month ago. Had some issues, and it sat for a while. New to fox bodies and still new to this car In general. So some insight from experience can help. Before I describe my current issue, I’m going to give some history on the things that I have done to...
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    Help! High Afr Warm Start

    Hey everyone, I've been a long time reader here, and have never run into a problem I couldn't get an answer to by just using the search bar.....until now. First, some pertinent background info about my car: 1965 Mustang Coupe '89 302 HO / T5 E303, GT40's Summit Intake manifold and 600 cfm...
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    Ac Coming Out Defrost Vent

    Whenever i turn my air on, it only works coming out of the defrost vent regardless of where it's set. I've read up and found a common source to be a vacuum leak. My mechanic looked at it this morning and said that if it was a vacuum leak he would be able to hear it and the engine would run...
  6. 2013 Mustang GT-Roush Axleback Exhaust

    2013 Mustang GT-Roush Axleback Exhaust

    In this video, I decided to give you the full range of the sound of my roush axlebacks. Let me know if you have any questions!