No AC/Heat, reverse lights, speedo, or odometer after intake install.


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Jun 1, 2020
2 days ago I decided to go ahead and tackle my leaky intake manifold. Install was smooth, no hiccups. No more coolant leak, yes! But now I’m left with no reverse lights, no speed, odometer just shows dashes (- - - - -) <just like that, and no heat or air (only defrost). Everything on the car worked before, and I don’t understand how a manifold install would have any connection to these issues. We plugged every sensor back up we took off. Anybody have any clue what might have happen? Do all these accessories run off the same thing?
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You know your :poo: worked before the intake job,so you must have knocked something loose or off.Try and move wires and stuff from the area you worked on while you check to see if heat works,rev lite ,gauges ect. Good luck.