airbag light

  1. sgtpepperthestang

    Dash replacement, airbag light flashing?

    ok so im replacing the dashboard on my 2008 mustang gt deluxe right, and im taking the radio and the climate controls and the airbags and steering wheel asssembly ETC...(when i say i took the steering wheel assembly apart i mean steering wheel , clock spring assembly, the plastic trim...
  2. C

    Electrical 2002 Airbag Light Is On, Need To Reset

    I bought a 2002 V6. It had been in an accident. All Airbag components supposedly replaced with system from 2002 GT. Airbag is on flashing code 29. I believe this is because the Airbag Module needs to be reset. However I am unable to find any information on how to reset. I read somewhere...