Dash replacement, airbag light flashing?

ok so im replacing the dashboard on my 2008 mustang gt deluxe right, and im taking the radio and the climate controls and the airbags and steering wheel asssembly ETC...(when i say i took the steering wheel assembly apart i mean steering wheel , clock spring assembly, the plastic trim, everything but the attached column). and i get this nice donor dash in no hiccups and im like thank god finally something went right. and then all the sudden after i turn on the car i notice the airbag lights on and i have no traction control anymore, weird. so this leads me to belive that its the clockspring. other things that lead me to belive this are the fact that since ive gotten the car, the horn has not worked, even after replacing the steering wheel the lights would come on the steering wheel but wouldn't work. my airbag light is flashing in a sequence 1-10. and ive just replaced the airbags due to recall. OH and i had a code for one of the switches next to it. it was high curcuit voltage for one of the switches idr which one. but i say all this just to ask for advice, is it the clockspring or should i look further?
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