1. Nick Bos

    Really Negative camber Shelby Drop on 70 mustang

    I think I got my ride height the way I want but after the shelby drop Im experiencing very negative camber. I have a 302 and did the shelby drop with a template, replaced the springs with 1" lower springs and new kyb shocks. I am currently reading around -1 degrees of negative camber on the...
  2. G

    Appropriate Front End Alignment Specs for 99 GT?

    Morning guys, I'm installing SR Performance Caster Camber plates today in preperation of lowering my car in the future. My front end suspension is stock and I'm running 18'' wheels. What specs should I give the shop? It's my everyday driver so I'm just looking for driveability and maximum tire life.
  3. bclark009

    1965 Mustang Alignment Specs w/ '03 Bullitt Wheels

    Hi, I have a 65 mustang and recently went from 14' styled steel wheels with 195/70's, to 2003 mustang bullitt wheels with 235/45's. Since the 03 wheels have a different backspacing I had to use wheel adapters to get the right fit with 1.5'' front and 1" rear. The wheels fit perfectly but the...
  4. mpcv2000

    Looking for alignment shop for a 2005 GT in Hallandale Beach area

    Hello. I just installed a drop on a 2005 Mustang GT ( Eibach struts and shocks ) unknown lowering springs , Panhard adjustable bar , Camber bolts and I'd like to get the car aligned . I'm not a local guy so I don't know any shop except Steeda but they don't have any room before the end of next...
  5. S

    Steering Gremlins After Replacing Entire Front End-?????

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a 04 gt vert with 140k miles. Everything engine and transmission wise is running fine. Vehicle has never been in a collision and all parts are OE. I just replaced the front lower control arms with new balljoints from Ford, shocks and struts OE, springs, Tie...
  6. R

    Paint and Body Headlight/bumper/hood Alignment

    Looking at buying a notchback roller for a project. The attached picture shows the front of the car. The void around the headlamps seem to be a bit on the large side. Nothing else on the vehicle seems to be out of alignment, the bumper feels solidly mounted, and the headlamps are firmly bolted...