auto transmission problem

  1. F

    Won’t start outside of neutral unless given gas

    So my 89 aod auto fox won’t start unless it’s in neutral. Quick story, I was pushing the car pretty hard on the freeway, was driving great, once I started to slow down I realized a loss in power and acceleration on the off ramp. Once I hit a red light the car started to stumble so I quickly...
  2. Nick Bos

    C4 Transmission has very delayed shifts

    Hi guys, I have a 1970 mustang with a 302 and a c4 select shift transmission. Recently the transmission has been delaying its shifts more frequently as time passes. I adjusted the vacuum modulator screw to reduce the delay and it has not worked (3 full turns counterclockwise). As of right now...
  3. 1993cobra5.0

    96 Gt 4.6 Auto Acting Crazy Shifting Only In 2 Second?

    Hello guys and ladies My 1996 gt mustang 4,6 auto If I put the shifter in D . The car will not move . If I put it in 1 it will stall out ? In 2 second gear at WOT it will take off the line great I feel the gears changing from 1st to 2nd and 3rd In # 2 driving normal. It will shift way to...