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    Need Wheel Measurement Help Please

    Cross-posting this from a Reddit post I submitted... I've been working on a disc brake conversion as part of my 68 coupe restoration. This week I installed my new Ford 9" axle . I'm about to order a set of wheels for all 4 corners since the disc brakes require a larger wheel diameter. I've...
  2. S

    Max offset with coilovers

    I have a 92 notch with stock length axles and I have Viking double adjustable coilovers in the rear. I was wonder if a 15x10 with 6.5 bs rim would fit with a 28x10.5 slick with coilovers in the stock location? I haven’t found anything on if 15x10 with 6.5 bs rims would fit with coilovers...
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    Tires and wheels?

    I want to to put as wide of a rim and tire I can on my 1998 Mustang Cobra without making any serious mods to the suspension except I do want to drop it 2”s. I want the car as low as I can and I want the tires to be as wide as I can fit in the wheel wells and not have the rear wheels and tires...