Tires and wheels?


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Jul 25, 2019
Grimes, IA.
I want to to put as wide of a rim and tire I can on my 1998 Mustang Cobra without making any serious mods to the suspension except I do want to drop it 2”s.
I want the car as low as I can and I want the tires to be as wide as I can fit in the wheel wells and not have the rear wheels and tires stick out more than an half inch and I would love to have an offset or backspacing to give an 1-2” lip on the rear. I know it’s a tall order. I also know I’m probably dreaming.
Looking at 17-18” wheels front and rear with the tears as wide as 11” and the front as wide as 9”. I know someone out there is a Genius when it comes to custom wheels. I don’t know how to do offset, backspacing, and all that. I’ve always ran stock wheels and tires!
Please help me out! I need help to either figure this out or to bring my dreaming mind back to earth.
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Jul 2, 2019
I was looking at this myself; I have 2 bent wheels (hit something I shouldn't have at 80mph...) and one of my front tires slung a piece of the shoulder off last night, so wheels and tires are in order.

From what I've read, 10 or 10.5" wheels will fit out back, though the quad shock may need to be removed or flipped (if you have upgraded rear control arms, you can remove it). You can measure this stuff and confirm it; put the car up on ramps and see how much clearance you have on the front and back. If you have factory 17's, they should be 8" wide, with a 35mm offset, which yields a backspacing of about 5.5". Most Mustang 10.5's run 6.5". So, if you have a couple inches on each side of the wheel/tire, you should be able to run them.

Personally, I went 9" all around with a 275 wide tire (almost 11"), but I want to be able to rotate tires (mine is a daily driver though).
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