bell housing

  1. V

    Help with bellhousing issue.

    I just got myself a C4 tranny. Ive noticed that when i try to bolt the bellhousing to the tranny the prop shaft axle will stop turning? how much should a shaft turn? it goes quite smooth to turn one side, but harder the other.
  2. Olivethefet

    What's it Worth? T56 value

    I know a guy that has a T56 that he is selling. He is asking 2K for the transmission, shifter, bell housing, and a ram clutch. If he still has it in a few weeks I might try to buy it off of him. Is 2K a good price for a used T56? This is not a T56 magnum.
  3. robthechemist

    Any benefit to upgrading the top loader bell housing to a T5 bell when doing a T5 conversion?

    Hello all. I have a 1966 with a 302, 4 speed manual. I am doing the T5 swap soon and am debating on using an adapter plate to connect the T5 to the original bell housing, or "upgrading" to the T5 bell housing. Is there any functional benefit to doing this or any negative to not doing it? I plan...
  4. Ian Ranchero

    T5 Bellhousing Mod

    Hi Folks. I have a small issue I am needing advise on. I have a 67 ranchero with a 1990 5.0 HO and T5 trans. It is using the stock clutch linkage at the moment and this linkage has given me crazy issues. I ordered the cable clutch kit from CJ pony and I have notices that the small ear on the...