Hi Folks. I have a small issue I am needing advise on. I have a 67 ranchero with a 1990 5.0 HO and T5 trans. It is using the stock clutch linkage at the moment and this linkage has given me crazy issues. I ordered the cable clutch kit from CJ pony and I have notices that the small ear on the bell housing that the kit needs has been ground off by the previous owner. has anyone ever fabbed that ear back on? is it a good or bad idea? any others that have had this issue? I really dont want to send this kit back.
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It's only an inch or two. What's the big deal?
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Dec 19, 2010
I agree with @stykthyn here. T5 bell housings aren't very expensive to pick up used and would be way easier. Unless you have a nice tig machine, lots of time on your hands, and love installing/removing transmissions repeatedly...buy a new bell.
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If you are good at metal fabrication, here's a thought.
A piece of 1/4" steel plate cut and drilled to use the dust cover bolt holes might work. Make the plate the same size and shape as the dust cover. You would need to double layer the plate where the cable mounts or even better use a U shaped angle iron bracket for the cable. It would need to be welded to the plate you fabricated to replace the dustcover.

If you aren't good at metal fabrication, just save your money and buy a replacement bellhousing from a 86-93 Mustang 5.0.

Avoid the 94-95 Mustangs, their bellhousing is about 11/16" deeper and uses a T5 with a longer input shaft.

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Yowza. May be easier to source a new bell housing. @madmike1157 has some pretty amazing fab skills. He may be able to think of something.
I'm not seeing what's been ground off. Looks absolutely normal to me.

If the part that has the red box is missing in your case, then short of replacing the bell, ( my choice) you can have a new lug tigged, then drilled to allow the clutch cable to pass through. (Not my preference ) because the aluminum will be soft from the heat. The other option is to blow off the cable clutch and put a hydraulic TOB unit on there, and eliminate the need for a clutch cable altogether.


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Feb 18, 2001
I'm not seeing what's missing.

Only part I see missing is the dust cover that goes over the linkage. I don't see any ear.

here's my bell. What's missing?

EDIT: or is that pic not of your car and highlighting what is missing?