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    Brakes Hawk pads won't fit into Cobra Caliper?

    Bought an upgrade kit from CJ's to put Cobra front brakes on my GT. It came with Hawk pads, was on sale earlier this summer, but the rotors got backordered, so I am finally pulling it all out of the box and trying to assemble. I snapped the pads into the piston assembly, but the wear indicator...
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    Best City/Street Brakes (Rotors+BrakePads) for 01 Mustang GT?

    So I've been needing brakes in my Mustang for quite some time, I'm running some worn out brakes in general. I was looking at Power Stop brakes (their z26 kit) but I hear a lot of negative reviews about them. And same thing with any brakes from Autozone, advanced auto parts, and NAPA. Can...