Brakes Hawk pads won't fit into Cobra Caliper?


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Feb 13, 2002
Bought an upgrade kit from CJ's to put Cobra front brakes on my GT. It came with Hawk pads, was on sale earlier this summer, but the rotors got backordered, so I am finally pulling it all out of the box and trying to assemble. I snapped the pads into the piston assembly, but the wear indicator tab seems to interfere with the caliper bracket no matter how I align the pads. Anyone ever see this issue?

See the pic of the pad sitting just in the bracket. Unless I'm just being dumb, I'm not sure what to do. Bend the tab? If it rotate it to the left, it hits the side. If I rotate it to the right, the back of the tab hits the cross piece on the bracket.



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I would bent the wear indicator tab to clear or remove it. If you are inspecting your brakes occasional, i'm sure you'll notice when it's coming time for new pads.
I called CJs and they didn't seem to have an answer.

I called Hawk and the rep was helpful, but pointed me to a YouTube video on the assembly where a guy seemed to have stock Cobra calipers. He also recommended bending or shifting the wear indicators out of the way if possible. I tried, but still couldn't get the calipers assembled (pins installed) with the wear indicator there. Looks like my next move is to remove it.