1. J

    Help: Bullitt stopped while driving down the road and wont turn over

    I need help or even suggestions from anyone with a similar problem. The car was driving normally, and i am just cruising along as the car just stops. After it stops, a metal clanking noise is heard. Going to start it, the battery is just fine and the starter just clicks, but its a metallic click...
  2. MineralMan

    Progress Thread 2001 Bullitt #265 - Build Thread (LOTS OF PICS)

    I just recently reacquired a 2001 Bullitt Mustang, #265 in Dark Highland Green. She has accumulated 187K miles on her. This will be the build thread, to document its restoration/rebuild and turning it into an autoX/track toy. Vehicle History In 2004, we bought this exact Bullitt from El...
  3. R

    For Sale V2 Vortech Supercharger Kit 2000-04 $4500 OBO Rochester NY

    I'm trying to sell this Vortech Supercharger Kit for my boss that was bought for her Exhusband's 2002 4.6L Mustang GT. I have more pictures and I will do my best to answer questions. This system is Brand New I only unboxed and unwrapped to sell it. She's asking $4,500 OBO I'm located in...
  4. thatrioredgt

    Progress Thread Help 1996 Mustang Gt Pi Bullit Swap

    Hey everyone my names Jack i just joined the forum hoping to get some help on an upcoming swap i’ll be doing in my 1996 Mustang Gt. If I have posted this in the wrong place i’m sorry in advance. I am looking to get a PI motor for my car because the non-PI motor in my car decided to blow a head...
  5. Mike00402

    Expired Supercharged Teskid Bullit

    2001 Mustang Bullit 76000 on body 15000 on Engine Very well built car from the ground up. Supercharged Teskid 4.6 with forged internals, long tube headers, and an SCT tuner. Lowered Billstein racing suspension. Ported and slotted rotars. The interior of the car is great. Black leather with no...
  6. RaggedGT

    Favorite Movie/tv Cars/cars In General

    MadMike had a thread going asking what One car would you want if money etc was no object.. And he called me out on posting the Cars of the movie "Bullit" lol So I'm stealing his thread topic(kinda) and asking. What's your favorite Movie/Tv cars or just cars in general?