1. KXT

    Foxtoberfest 2018 VIDEO!!!

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=34&v=Ic6RpgAOvFE
  2. RaggedGT

    Line Lock

    Parts stash is growing. Transmission will be done in a couple months. Motor will be out once it warms up. So I’ve had some time to look at upgrades/add on’s I’d like to do while my car is a part, line locks. Who makes a fairly easy to install/use line lock? Guys with line locks- what are ya using?
  3. KXT

    Mustang Week 2016

  4. KXT

    Tire Shredding On The Street

  5. Mustang's & Friends Car Cruise

    Mustang's & Friends Car Cruise

    a little get together thrown together last minute and couldn't have turned out any better honestly..weather was good to us, so we took the best of it...hope you enjoy! this was film by professionals on a closed coarse in mexico..thank you and good day thanks for watching thanks to...