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Mod Dude
Jul 20, 2014
Taylorsville ky
Parts stash is growing.
Transmission will be done in a couple months.
Motor will be out once it warms up.
So I’ve had some time to look at upgrades/add on’s I’d like to do while my car is a part,
line locks.
Who makes a fairly easy to install/use line lock?
Guys with line locks- what are ya using?
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I went through 3 summit brands in a little over a year, all of them failed and summit replaced them under warranty. Finally went with a Hurst and been rocking it for over 5 years now. Made all my own lines, but there are companies out there who sell mustang specific kits.

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I know a few people that had the same problems with the cheaper ones.
I had a hurst in my last car,no problems. Picked another one up for this car,
will go in this winter.
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I've had a hurst roll control pretty much forever.
It's not really any use to me these day, but it still works.

I'd think that where it goes and dealing with brake lines being a pain, i'd skip any that aren't known to be reliable.
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I use SLP line lock. I've been using the same one for 10 years ( 3 different cars ) No issues at all. This is just the solenoid...I purchased a kit.

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