1. F

    2002 Ford Mustang Hood Latch Cable.

    Oh boy do I have so many questions about things... A lot of work to be done to this 2002 Mustang GT Silver. I love it but man is it a pain in the ass sometimes... This is first of many! Message me if you think you'd be able to help with more of my questions! Anyways. One day when I was on...
  2. B

    Routing Amp Power Cable

    I'm installing a Rockford Fosgate amp in my 1997 GT, and decided to follow their recommendations and use their wiring kit. It includes a heavy gauge power cable with inline fuse, which connects directly to the battery at the positive terminal. I've fastened the fuse holder to the top of the...
  3. GoldenEagle91

    Engine Correct Throttle Cable For Carb'd 94?

    Hi everyone, I referenced the thread on here regarding what is necessary for converting a fuel injected 94 Mustang with a 302 to a carbureted setup (see here 94-95 CARB SET-UP HELP!!!! | Mustang Forums at StangNet ). They mention that a throttle cable from a 79-85 work best (years that carbs...