car won't start

  1. J

    Keep Blowing Fuse #6 Under Dash(starter Relay Fuse) When Turning Let To Start/ Pushing Clutch In(5sp

    Car won't start, blows starter relay fuse under day every time I push clutch in and turn key to start, I have made sure connections to starter solenoid are right. I have traced white/pink wire from Starter solenoid to clutch safety switch( when I try to bypass the switch and put a fuse into...
  2. Tyler Hunter

    Engine 93 5.0 Car Won't Start, Oil On All Spark Plugs!!

    Hello All, I have a 93 5.0 Mustang that has a stock motor at 185k miles that was running great until recently. It all started when I found out I had an exhaust leak somewhere, I noticed the car had a slight loss of power which makes sense but over time it seemed to get a lot worse. The car would...