1. A

    Help finding Cats

    Trying to find affordable Carb approved inlet/outlet Catalytic converters for 2015 ford mustang GT. I have cats on but no numbers for the stupid Carb approval. Bought the car for my brother assured that it was all legal but just running into problems getting it registered in Cali. Any help is...
  2. D

    Delete 2nd Cats & Pass Inspection?

    Hello, I own a 2003 3.8l V6 Mustang Convertible (5spd manual), all stock. Next week, I am going to be building a custom dual exhaust for it (either divorced or H-pipe; can't decide). While I was looking underneath to make measurements, I saw the second set of cats (long ones with the flat...
  3. austindorow

    02 GT cat delete question

    has anyone ever cut out the second from front cats on a 2v, hows it sound, and will it throw codes, my current setup is stock cats with offroad h pipe no muffler. the ones i want to cut out are circled. thanks
  4. BigCountry2000

    2001 Mustang Gt Throwing P0430 Code

    Just Wondering what would cause this? Bad o2 sensor? Bad cat? if i were to buy an Off road h pipe and Mil Eliminators and just delete the cats would this fix the code.

    Exhaust Advice On Exhaust?

    Workin with my daily drivin 01 GT auto. At the moment i have flowmaster mufflers and she sounds pretty sweet when i lay my foot down but i want to uncork her and get rid of my cats. (Without getting in trouble) any advice?