1. johnny21

    Engine Trickflow Intake Street Burner Spacer Needed?

    Hey! So I have an 87 LX 5.0 that I recently picked up and it had a 4" cowl that I really didn't like. I found a stock hood on craigslist to replace it. Once getting ready to install I realized that there was a 1" spacer between the upper and lower intake on the Trickflow and it definitely looked...
  2. T

    Paint and Body Extra Clearance After Fender Roll

    A while ago, I swapped the axles on my 1990 over to SN95 axles for the 5 lug and the rear disks. I'm running the 17" Cobra wheels from the same year on 275/40's. I rolled the rear fender lip in, however, I am still getting more than a substantial amount of rub when I have anything remotely...