cobra brakes

  1. J

    Rear brake kit

    I want to put a big brake kit on the rear of my Cobra and can't find anything I was wondering if there are any brake kits that would fit with minor to moderate fabrication
  2. M

    Low Dust Semi Metallic Brake Pass?

    Hey all, wondering if you can make a recommendation for semi-metallic front brake pads that don't throw dust like crazy? I bought my 2002 GT a few months back and it came with brand new silver Roush wheels and recently done front brakes, but they turn my wheels BLACK within a couple weeks of...
  3. Posiburnout

    M-2320-f Bullitt Calipers And M-2320-af 10th Anniv Cobra Calipers

    Hope every one is doing great. I have one set each of the calipers mentioned. They are still in the original boxes from Ford Racing. Originally, these were purchased for fox body projects that have been completed. In total I have four items that I'm trying to find a market for. M-2320-R...