cobra irs

  1. H

    IRS Rear Cobra - Rear Wheels Have Free Play

    I've got some free play in my rear wheels, when I push on them from side to side. Looking closely I can see that my cross axis joints are shot! Any tips for swapping these out at home?
  2. C

    Drivetrain Super 8.8 ring and pinion

    It is my understanding that a super 8.8 comes with the following ring gear ratios 3.15, 3.31, 3.55, 3.73 and 4.09. I have been told that all these ring gears are interchangeable with the exception of the 3.15 gear. It seems that gear was used only in an earlier '04 version of the 8.8 irs from...
  3. FoxMustangLvr

    Progress Thread My Kenne Bell Twin Screw'd Foxbody thread, (new addition to the family)

    I decided to put an end to building my 87' t-top because it wasn't worth it since it had a rebuild title and I found too much frame and floor pan damage that I didn't initially see when I picked it up. So I finally offloaded it this last Friday and I'm happy to get my garage back and begin...