1. AnthonyA1234

    Paint and Body Lmr steel 2 inch cowl pics?

    Does anyone have the lmr steel 2 inch cowl? How’s the quality of it and could you guys post pics? I’ll take pics of any brand 2 inch cowl as well to see how that size cowl looks.
  2. R

    Passenger side leak issues and cowl questions

    Hey guys, so I have had this problem with having a slight leak in the passenger side footwell. It drips down on the plastic closest to the door under the glove box. I took my cowl off (and destroyed it accidentally) to see if I can locate the problem. I tried to look up videos and forums but...
  3. T

    Rain Leak

    I got a 93 notch (not a convertible) and everytime it rains water comes down both the right and left sides of the firewall and both floor pans end up getting wet. I checked the fire wall wire grommets but still can't figure it out. Any recommendations?