Passenger side leak issues and cowl questions

Hey guys, so I have had this problem with having a slight leak in the passenger side footwell. It drips down on the plastic closest to the door under the glove box. I took my cowl off (and destroyed it accidentally) to see if I can locate the problem. I tried to look up videos and forums but didn't seem to have luck getting much help. But I took a pitcher of water and tried to pour a steady flow down my windshield on the passenger side to see if I can get the leak to work and pinpoint where it is going in, but had no luck in replicating the leak. My first question is I am wondering if it was bad to pour water down the windshield without the cowl, like could that water have gotten in the engine bay and got something wet that wasn't supposed to get wet. My second question is about my oil filter... I just recently heard that they make "synthetic oil filters" but found that it was a difference in material or something like that for how the filter is built. But i am running mobil one full synthetic with a motorcraft filter. Is that ok to use that filter with that oil?

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Soap box time for a certified counter tech!
To answer your filter question - Wix or Napa Gold (re-boxed Wix) are the best filters on the market, and have been industrial equipment quality as long as I have known about them. If I was running synthetic or any oil longer than 3k miles, I would not trust the media, cardboard or hot melt glue in almost any other filter. The filter media should not be different for synthetic or crude based oils. They have the same job to do, and synthetic oil is chemically identical to what the purified crude based oil is supposed to be. There are now a thousands of filter comparison videos on YouTube, but we had set up our own displays at the parts stores years before Al Gore even thought of the internet. If you want quality, Do Not buy the newest hyped filter or orange or purple ones. Motorcraft has consistently been a decent, budget line filter. If you are spending the money on synthetic oil, please spend a little more for the best filter.