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    New from NY with my 92 LX 363 build!

    New from NY with my 92 LX 363 build! Work in progress. Dart block and afr 205s on the way from Jim over @fordstrokers! Im sure I'll have many questions along the way and help is much appreciated. Bought the car 20 something years after my father had and sold the same year and color. Has a...
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    Expired Dart 427 Afr 220 All New Never Fired

    I have run out of money and need to sell my project engine. Tons invested here. Dart 9.5 deck height 4.125 bore SHP block with full forged 4 inch stroker scat rotating assembly bring it to 427 cubes. Fully balanced and blueprinted. Scat 4130 forged 4 inch stroker crank with 2.75 cleavland...