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    Emergency brake light issue

    2007 v6 model. The e brake light on the dash won’t go out. The master cylinder is full and not below the sensor. The parking brake switch in the center console works fine and makes repetitive ding noise when you try and drive it with the e-brake up. I pulled the center console apart and used a...
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    Interior and Upholstery Deleting Dashboard

    I have a 1984 Foxbody gt350 and am looking to kind of go-kart the thing. I want to delete pretty much the whole interior and was wondering if anyone here has heard of brackets and/or some prefabbed frames to put the gauge clusters and other necessities back in whilst maintaining pretty much no...
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    Electrical How To Unplug Difficult Connectors Behind Dash

    I've been trying to remove the dash of an 86 gt, I've got everything thing unscrewed and unconnected but a couple last connectors (if that's what they are called) facing away from me. Does anyone know a technique or something to get it off? I would have to point the screw driver toward me to get...