1. opihinalu

    Drivetrain How to identify year of rear end?

    Hey all, I’m shopping for an 8.8 for my fox and I found this on Facebook market place. The guy doesn’t know if it’s an 8.8 or what year it comes from. He says 94-04. Can anyone tell me how to identify? Or just identify for me with this pic? Also, will 94-98 mustang rear ends all bolt up to my fox?
  2. N

    Drivetrain Differential gear pattern help

    Hello every one I need some opinions on this gear pattern it looks like I am getting very light drive markings closer to the toe and in the Coast side IM getting somewhat near the middle kind of going towards the heel. It’s my first time changing gears . Any pointer or is this fine how it is . ...
  3. S

    For Sale Auburn Pro Series 8.8" limited-slip differential for 31-spline axle shafts (Ford Racing part # M-4204-P31) w/Richmond installation kit (83-1043-1)

    I'm selling an Auburn Pro Series 8.8" limited-slip differential for 31-spline axle shafts (Ford Racing part number M-4204-P31) with Richmond installation kit (83-1043-1) The bearings have already been pressed onto the differential. https://photos.app.goo.gl/g6z5SEWFUDELucSU9...
  4. impropernick

    pinion flange vs pinion end yoke

    Im sending off my 8.8 to get beefed up to 31 spline axles (5 lug woowoo) and 3.55 gears with a traction lok and the guy mentioned me supplying the yoke. That got me wondering, what is the difference between a pinion flange and a pinion yoke? like the pros and cons? Because from what little I can...
  5. C

    Drivetrain Rear Differential Noise

    Hey, I am a new member and this is my first post. I purchased a 1994 gt project car that I have been working on for the past 5 months. The car has 104k on the dash. So far I have started out by getting the chassis and drive line ready for more power. In the front I have replaced the rack and...
  6. Cammandobrando

    97 cobra cobra , rear end, how much power will it take ?

    Hey guys i have a 97 cobra with a vortech s trim , running 10 lbs of boost , dyno sheet says 440whp , im not the original owner of the car but want to turn the boost up , so im curious what the rear end will handle , i dont know if it has any axle or diff upgrades , unless some One can tell me i...
  7. C

    Super 8.8 Ring and Pinion

    Does anyone know the correct part number for a Ford Super 8.8 3.31 ring and pinion set from Ford performance?
  8. C

    For Sale Us gear 3.08 ring and pinion

    Up for sale is a brand new lightening series ring and pinion for an 8.8 solid rear axle. I'll ship for free 375 obo. Email [email protected]
  9. C

    Drivetrain Super 8.8 ring and pinion

    It is my understanding that a super 8.8 comes with the following ring gear ratios 3.15, 3.31, 3.55, 3.73 and 4.09. I have been told that all these ring gears are interchangeable with the exception of the 3.15 gear. It seems that gear was used only in an earlier '04 version of the 8.8 irs from...
  10. C

    For Sale Moser 8.8 Complete Rear End

    I have a brand new Moser 8.8 rear end for sale. Comes with...... 35 spline Axles Strange Spool big bearing ford flange bearing kit and had the entire housing powder coated semi-gloss black.\ Widened 2.5" over stock to 56" flange to flange. 3.55:1 gears. Currently unassembled, but I can...
  11. G

    2011 Mustang Gt

    can someone point me in a direction where I could get help. Recently purchased a 5.0 at 97,000 miles. I did some donuts like a moron and I think I shredded something in the differential housing. When I put it in gear and try to give it gas the wheels will fully turn before making a clunking...
  12. K

    Rear End/differential

    Hi I have a 2001 3.8L Ford Mustang first 9 of vin 1FAFP4047 I was wondering what I could do in the rear end to safely increase my top speed I heard that the driveshafts are only rated for 120 and under or they explode what else should I replace that can’t handle 140 also what differential do I...
  13. D

    2008 Mustang V6 Rear End Dancing Around At Highway Speeds?

    Hello, I have a 08 mustang v6 and believe it has a rear end problem. I put it up on the lift today and I think the rear diff mount bushings are worn. Could this cause the rear end to dance side to side? I also think my drivers side trailing arm is a little worn as well. Please help!!!
  14. Alpine615

    Drivetrain Driver's Side Axle Shaft Not Seating Properly In Diff

    Hey all, my name is Steve and I'm new here. Technically I do not own a Mustang II, but I have an 8" rear end from one that's going into my Pinto. I figured this would be the best place to get help. Thanks in advance... I had the axles out to be drilled for 5 x 4.5" bolt pattern, with new...
  15. J

    Heard A Knocking/banging When Accelerating.

    I was looking at a 1999 Cobra and whenever I would accelerate there would be a knocking/banging in the rear end. This has me thinking that the pinion and planetary gears are worn within the diff. Are there any other reasons I could be hearing this sound?
  16. Josecomputertech

    2011 5.0 Stick Shift Rearend

    I've looked everywhere and can't get a "real" answer My car was hit from the side and I think it bent the rear axle My question is what year Rear end bolt right into mine? I don't want to risk it being bent and just changing the internals. There are a lot of junkyards around my area that have...
  17. K

    Can I Swap My Old Non Abs Axle Shaft With One That Has Abs

    I bent the axle on my 2000 v6 stang. I bought a whole diff from an auto recycler but the guys gave me a diff that has abs and mine does not. I only want to swap the shaft. Anybody know if i can install this shaft with abs. Basically all i need to know is if the spline in the diff is the same and...
  18. FrankenStang88

    Drivetrain Matching Spline Numbers

    My fox is in big need of a new tranny and differential, only problem is, the differential i need is 31 spline and the tranny i need is input 10 output 28. Am i going to need to spend some extra money to get the right ones? As it is im looking at 2k for both and cant really soend much more than...
  19. Mustang Rear End Gear Installation: Ford Racing 8.8 Ring & Pinion

    Mustang Rear End Gear Installation: Ford Racing 8.8 Ring & Pinion

    See our full line of Mustang Rear End Gears here: http://www.latemodelrestoration.com/products/Mustang-Rear-End-Gears Are you looking to improve your ET's? Nothing improves your acceleration and helps you launch your Stang like a set of Ford Racing Rear End Gears! The FRPP ring and pinion gear...