e303 cam

  1. Ethan Keirn

    Engine 1985 GT

    Hey guys, just recently picked up an 85 GT with an edelbrock performer 302 intake, E303 cam, holley 600, and a full exhaust. As far as I know the valve train is stock with stock heads, could i go ahead and upgrade to better springs and 1.7 rockers with my stock heads? If so how much power would...
  2. H

    Fox E303 Cam

    Hey Guys, I have an 89 LX 5.0. It has: GT40 heads Edelbrock intake 75mm tb Upgraded injectors/fuel system Shorty headers (bbk) Bbk cai Open exhaust into 40 mufflers 4.11s I'm looking for a cam that is comfortable o the street, but slopes really hard. I know this sounds funny, but I would...
  3. 5

    Timing Issue?

    I recently replaced my lifters and I can't get my car to run right. The first time I tried to fire it back up it had a hard time turning over (after replaced battery, starter solenoid, cleaning grounds and moving dis. it fired up with a little assist from me pushing the gas pedal). I got it to...