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    E7te Heads Installed Backwards

    Hi, i installed my e7te heads backwards on my 5.0 after rebuilding the bottom end, theyre already torqued down and i dont want to take them off and swap them and reuse my already crushed headgaskets. the engine hasnt been fired on these headgaskets, they are felpro 10112's and im sure theyd be...
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    Porting E7 Heads And Intake Or Gt40 Swap?

    Porting factory e7 heads and intake or do a gt40 explorer swap? I have a 93 gt 5 speed only upgrades are Mac long tubes, high flow cats, flow master cat back, bbk cold air, msd coil and box, cobra clutch, ac delete kit and various suspensiom work done. Not looking to spend money on a new top end...