emergency brake

  1. B

    Brakes E brake problem on SN95 swap

    Hello, Just got my SN95 cobra rear calipers back from powder coating. Got pads in and hooked my new e-brake cables from LMR. The entire setup is brand new as this is a ground up restoration. I made the mods to the e-brake handle and went to test it… only the passenger side is locking up. Any...
  2. J

    1999 Mustang GT, E-Brake Assembly/Wiring Failure (Help Needed)

    On my 1999 Mustang GT (Convertible), you need to engage the E-Brake which will then trigger the dashboard parking brake light to go on, and once it's on, the top can go down, or up. However, the assembly has been failing about 9 out of 10 times and I need to try to pull it up, release it, repeat...
  3. MoDriver

    SOLD Real Leather Emergency Brake Boot For A Sn95 Mustang, Black With Black Stitching

    Listed is a custom black leather Ford Mustang 1994-98 emergency brake boot. I had this custom made for a 1998 Mustang Cobra, but I sold the car before I installed it. The quality of the leather is excellent and I am providing a picture of it shown inside out for your review as well. It is...